About us

For over 50 years, KGS Electronics has been designing and manufacturing AC and DC solid state power conversion products. KGS Electronics provides advanced airborne certified AC and DC power conversion products to both civil and military aviation customers worldwide.

KGS Electronics has a full line of airborne 400Hz and 50/60Hz static inverters, voltage/frequency converters, DC to DC power converters, light dimming power supplies and AC to DC power supplies designed for aerospace & military applications.


KGS Electronics is an ISO-9001 & AS9100 certified manufacturer of airborne and military power conversion products. KGS Electronics has been approved under the following standards and/or licenses to cover the manufacture and sale of its products; AS9100:2009 - Quality System Standards (Certified by NSF) ISO-9001:2008 - Quality System Standards (Certified by NSF) FAA TSO-C73 - Airborne Static Inverters - FAA TSO-C71 - Airborne DC Power Converters 


New Products

Our newest power conversion products include:

1. SS40 - Compact, lightweight 60Hz Airborne Static Power Inverter - 400VA 

2. RH28 - 14 to 28Vdc Regulated Boost Converter

3. RG28 - 28 to 14Vdc Regulated DC Converter

4. RG56 - High powered 28 to 14Vdc DC/DC Converter.

5. SC3 & SCA3 - Small 30VA 400Hz Static Inverter, 115Vac or 26Vac.

6. PH28 - AC to DC Power Converter, 115V/400Hz to 28Vdc 280 Watts

7. PDU560 - Power Distribution Unit, 200 Amps 6 Channel Monitoring & Protection

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Contact the factory or one of our authorized dealers for technical support and/or price & lead time information.

418 East Live Oak Avenue
Arcadia CA 91006-5619 USA

Phone: 626-574-1175
Fax: 626-574-0553

U.S Domestic Sales

KGS Electronics has a domestic sales force comprised of manufacturing representatives and dealers Please click below to find KGS manufacturing representatives for the U.S. market.

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International Sales

KGS Electronics has a International sales network comprised of manufacturing sales representatives, agents and distributors. Please click below to find U.S based KGS manufacturing sales representatives for International markets which include Europe, Canada, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and East European Countries.

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Reliable & Rugged Designs

400Hz AC and DC Power for Avionics and Cockpit Lighting


Stable & Clean AC/DC Power

50/60Hz and DC Power for Cabin Applications.


Efficient & Lightweight Topologies

50/60Hz Power for Galley and Lavatory Equipment.


FAA TSO & Mil Approved Products

AC and DC Power for Medical Equipment (EMS)