Dassault Falcon Jet is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced, high performance business jet aircraft.

KGS Electronics provides both 400Hz and 60/50Hz static inverters to Dassault Falcon Jet for the Falcon 2000 as well as the Falcon 50, Falcon 900B and the Falcon 900EX. KGS 400Hz static inverters are utilized as part of the avionic system. KGS 60Hz and 50Hz static inverters are utilized in the cabin area of the aircraft to provide onboard electrical power for entertainment systems, galley equipment, computer systems and other electrical accessories.

Developed from the highly successful Blackhawk utility helicopter, the SH-60F Ocean Hawk Helicopter (Coast Guard derivative pictured above) provides the military with special marine capability such as ship surveillance and targeting, anti-submarine tactical warfare, transport and rescue mission applications. 

A military qualified multi-channel DC/DC converter manufactured by KGS Electronics provides variable cockpit lighting onboard the SH-60F helicopter. KGS static inverters and DC/DC converters are also standard equipment on the S-76B and S-76C helicopters manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft. The S-76 helicopter is a twin engine, light to medium duty transport which has been used for executive and commercial transportation, as well as military transport and armed utility applications.

Bombardier Aerospace Inc. is one of the world's largest manufactures of business and regional jet aircraft. KGS Electronics manufactures DC converters and static inverters utilized on the highly successful Bombardier Regional Jet series of commuter aircraft, Global Express and Challenger corporate aircraft programs.

KGS Electronics is proud to be a supplier to all of these very prestigious and successful Bombardier Aerospace programs.

The Citation X is Cessna Aircraft’s flagship, high performance, large corporate jet aircraft. The Citation X is the fastest civilian aircraft available today, flying at almost supersonic speeds, Mach .92.

KGS Electronics supplies 50/60Hz cabin static inverters, regulated DC/DC converters, 400Hz cockpit static inverters and stab trim actuator control products for Cessna Citation series corporate aircraft.

Embraer Aircraft has become one of the world’s leading supplier of corporate and regional jet aircraft. Embraer manufactures the popular ERJ line of regional aircraft and the Legacy, Lineage and Phenon series of executive jet aircraft.

KGS Electronics provides 50/60Hz cabin static inverters for the Legacy and Lineage line of corporate aircraft. A rugged 400Hz static inverter is provided for the ignition system on the ERJ line of regional jet aircraft. And, DC/DC converters are supplied to Embraer for the Super Tucano and ALX line of military aircraft.

The Bell Helicopter AH-1W Super Cobra is the latest rendering of the venerable AH-1 Cobra military helicopter. KGS Electronics provides both light dimming power supplies and current limiting products for the AH-1W advanced military attack helicopter.

Bell Helicopter is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of civil and military helicopters. Known for their workhorse "Huey" and "Kiowa" utility military helicopters, Bell is also one of the largest civil helicopter manufacturers worldwide building the 206/20L Jet Ranger, 212/412 Helicopter and the 427/430 corporate helicopter.

KGS Electronics has been designing and manufacturing avionic and military AC and DC solid state power conversion products for over fifty (50) years. KGS Electronics is a leader in developing solid state, non-rotating AC power inverters for the aviation industry, and KGS continues to supply high performance, reliable AC and DC power conversion products to aviation and military customers worldwide.